We love dogs just the way they are: with happy tails, begging eyes and unique characters. DOGvision tells a story of friendship through countless photographs and stories of muddy adventures.
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The Quest
DOGvision =creativity + adventure + dogs

DOGvision captures and shares moments of cheerful wagging tails and muddy adventures with our best friends. Through photography, we share stories and memories, tips and tricks, creative explorations, and inspiration for the good dog life.

Recent blog posts
  • #TongueOutTuesday (39), dog photography Europe, hundfotografi Sverige, hiking with dogs in nature, www.DOGvision.eu
    Dog photography 101

    For the past 15+ years, I’ve been working as a professional dog photographer and I’ve been sharing dog stories, photographs, and shoots for many years on the Dutch version of this website and blog. After organizing a series of workshops I discovered the joy of......

  • #TongueOutTuesday (37), Dog photography Sweden Dalarna, Border Collie dog pack, rescue dogs, Hurtta Adventurer 2023, www.DOGvision.eu
    #TongueOutTuesday (37)

      Hot diggity dog! What a summery start of September it has been so far. Up to 24*C and bright sun, so lots of swimming and taking in some sunlight before the moody seasons arrive. The dogs have been so happy: Mogwai has been swimming......

  • Hurtta adventurer 2023, life vests for dogs, dogs on adventures, lake swimming with dogs, www.DOGvision.eu
    Why my dogs wear life jackets.

    We’ve been using life jackets for our dogs for years, but since I’m getting more and more questions, this blog post is fully dedicated to the summer flotation gear that my dogs are using. We, two-legged creatures, are also using life vests, but since we......

  • #TongueOutTuesday (25), dog photography blog, Sweden, Hurtta adventurer 2023, www.DOGvision.eu
    #TongueOutTuesday (25)

      A (mid)sommar edition with lots of sunshine and happy/wet dogs. Since the last snow melted away in early May, we hadn’t seen a single drop of rain until 2 days ago. It’s been sunny and warm, so the lakes warm up quickly and we......

  • Geocaching with dogs, traveling with dogs in Europe, www.DOGvision.eu
    We did it! 100 geocaches found!

    When I first shared our goal of 50 geocaches a year, and our followers challenged us to do 100, I thought it would be a hard challenge. At the time we were still knee-deep in the snow, often taking slippery country roads and crawling through......

  • Tick season dogs, illustration, www.DOGvision.eu
    Oh no, they’re back!

    Summer might arrive late here up north, but somewhere around the end of May, nature seems to feel like she has to catch up- all at once. That means we get a sudden explosion of greens, flowers, mosquitoes (and other bugs), and those damn ticks......

  • Dog swimming season, summer dogs, Hurtta life vest eco, Hurtta adventurer 2023, Senior Border Collie, Mutts, dog photography, www.DOGvision.eu
    Finally the swimming season has started!

    Look at those happy faces! Only a few weeks ago, in early May, the world around us was still blah. Everything was still dead. Brown. Beige. Cold. But as always, when you start to get restless about the never-ending cold, everything suddenly explodes into bright......

  • Dog life sketchbook, moleskine sketchbook, illustration, dog doodles, dog drawings, www.DOGvision.eu
    The dog life sketchbook

    Most of my sketchbook pages appear on www.Fenne.be, my art/illustration website, but as dogs were sneaking more and more into my work, I decided to start an extra notebook for dog sketches and doodles. See it as drawing out loud. Random thoughts quickly scribbled down.......

  • #TongueOutTuesday, funny faces dog photography, Mogwai senior Border Collie, Sweden, Hurtta adventurer 2023, www.DOGvision.eu
    #TongueOutTuesday (22)

    Just loving the cheeky face of a wet but very happy girl X...

  • What's in my dog's travel pouch, Hurtta zhero pouch, dog gear illustration, www.DOGvision.eu
    What’s in my dog’s travel pouch?

    We can’t wait to hit the road, explore new places, and find some peculiar treasures. As I’m packing, I thought it would be fun to share the dog gear we take when we travel. Just as what we pack for ourselves depends on the season......

  • Procreate digital dog drawings for Instagram highlights, www.DOGvision.eu
    Some Procreate experiments for Instagram highlights

    I’ve been drawing my whole life, and an illustrator since 2017, but until now, two things were missing: dogs and digital drawings. Honestly, I have no idea why I haven’t been drawing any dogs, except for some sketches of my own dogs in sketchbooks. A......

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    Meet the heroes



    The smallest changes in her surroundings are noticed by Oona. She uses her Bosnian street-dog-skills to get the group safely back home after adventures. She loves to go on squirrel patrol and practicing her camouflage techniques. At home she loves sleeping on the biggest pillow she can find and snores loudly (and we love that). She's allergic to fish but loves carrots.<br /> A DNA test showed that she's a 'European Village Dog'.



    Chief of staff

    Running through the forest, jumping in lakes, swimming and long long hikes across frozen lakes are the best things in the world to Mogwai and she always goes 100% for it. Mogwai is energetic, loyal, very focused and sensitive. She doesn't like vegetables unless she can play with them. She might be a whirlwind outdoors but indoors she's very calm and loves to sleep at our feet.



    Junior chaser

    A small, scared rescue dog flew over from Crete, not knowing what was going on and how much her life would change. The first few weeks, we carried her through the big and overwhelming world but quickly she discovered her adventurous self and by now her curiosity is unstoppable! She loves to go first on new paths and dives deep in the snow. She runs fast as the wind and loves sleeping in the sun.



    Computer wizard

    Dog lover. Runner. Can't say no to the sweet eyes of Mogwai. Cooks the most delicious veggie food. Looking for digital Easter eggs.



    Muse & best friend

    The muse who started the DOGvision-adventure. A rescue dog with a heart of gold and eyes that always understand. 15/03/2002 - 04/01/2017



    Senior vice president

    2805/2005 - 22/05/2018<br /> Eating is serious business according to Ravasz and it doesn't even have to be food. Ravasz is brave, has a strong opinion and always looks after his group. Since September 2016 he's fighting cancer (the reason why he doesn't have a tail anymore) but for now it doesn't make him any less hungry and life loving.

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