Curious who we are?

When I had to say goodbye to my oldest dog, my hero, my sweet stubborn friend, I was heartbroken. Having to make the most difficult choice a dog owner can possibly have to make. A moment we don’t want to think about too much. After the overwhelming flood of that first pain and grief, underneath that constant missing of his begging by the table, his cuddles in the morning and his wise look, a new feeling arose. The weird feeling of completion, of gratefulness and warmth because of all those beautiful memories.
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For years I’ve been dedicated to giving my dogs the best life they could dream of. A life full of adventure, good and healthy food, a warm place to sleep and activities that would fit their character and strengths. We trained with sheep, took classes in nose work, went running and hiking and even found a love for kayaking and paddling.
A tired dog= a happy dog = a good dog. That was the initial idea when we were looking for training or activities.
But along the way, we found so much more than just good dogs. We found a deep connection with our furry friends, adventures that sparked our imagination and fuelled our dreams and we made a lot of new friends along the way.
Ziggy in Lapland, hondenfotografie
Photography has never been about pressing the button of a machine (although I got a degree for it). It’s always been about catching the character, the passion in the eyes, the adventures and all the things that create the memories we will cherish forever. Creating photographs is as much about the process as it is about the end result. The tricks we practice, the places we explore, the new activities that we try,… it’s the search for the best possible dog life, captured in high resolution. Sharp, colorful and sharing the story of the love for dogs just the way they are, how they touch our hearts and make our life complete.