Lizzie in the sun, Hurtta ambassador, Hurtta Midlayer jacket,

Some dogs don’t care about rainy weather or even love going for a mud bath. Some jump in puddles and roll around in wet grass.
Lizzie isn’t one of them.

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On the contrary.
Lizzie is a 100% sun-adoring creature with a strong opinion about cold, wet, and gloomy days. She will curl up in the tiniest ball under a blanket (nose tucked away under her tail), or find the warmest spot by the stove.

 On sunny days, this chatty dog will use all her persuasion skills to remind me to drag her pillow around as the sun moves through my studio- and I can’t say no, it makes her happy, after all.

But she’s also super curious and energetic, loves running and exploring- and will always ask for the longest route! With only a bit of help in the shape of a sweater or coat, she’s unstoppable! She’ll proudly lead the way, encouraging the others to hurry up because there is so much to see and sniff.

Now that spring is slowly arriving and the melting snow reveals the earth again (although snow is still possible until May), it’s a great time to return to treasure hunting. Why is this such a great time, you might wonder? No tall grasses yet, no bugs, ticks, or other crawling creatures – so the forest is our playground! We’ll be looking for tasty pine cones (Mogwai), animal tracks (Oona), skulls (Lizzie and me), and geocaches or crystals. You see, there is something for everyone hiding in the woods!

Mogwai and Oona might be biting or rolling in the last patches of snow, reliving the great joy of powdery snow days, but Lizzie will find a dry spot and face the sun, soaking up all the light that promises that summer will be here soon.

Lizzie in the sun, Hurtta ambassador, Hurtta Midlayer jacket,

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