Tick season dogs, illustration, www.DOGvision.eu

Tick season dogs, illustration, www.DOGvision.eu

Summer might arrive late here up north, but somewhere around the end of May, nature seems to feel like she has to catch up- all at once. That means we get a sudden explosion of greens, flowers, mosquitoes (and other bugs), and those damn ticks too.

All of a sudden, the woods are not safe anymore, and we have to check all the dogs daily. Especially Mogwai is a tick magnet. Lizzie is always the one with the least ticks- but oh boy when she does, it’s a big drama. Once she dragged herself out of the kitchen towards me, limping, looking sad. She jumped on the couch and sat on one side, holding up her hind leg. Of course, I thought something was terribly wrong,… until I saw a tiny tick stuck on the inside of her leg. lol. Drama queen!
Oona is the opposite, when she spots one, she tries to rip it out herself. Also not a good idea, but luckily, if we find them in time, she can suddenly stand super still and let us get rid of the nasty things.

But I have to admit, it’s always a bit satisfying to burn them (I read that’s the best approach to kill the bacteria they might carry).

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