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#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

It looks like the weather gods read this blog. Last week I told you that it was still quite ‘warm’ with only -5 ° C, only one day later we got up and it was -12 ° C! A reason to keep chilling inside? No way! The sun was shining so beautifully that it would a shame to spend to not spend those precious hours of light inside. So we went exploring and looking for a mountain that was untraceable (I guess the route I took this summer is now snowed), played in the garden and went skiing.
#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be
The Cutie vs The Beast!

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

Crazy Pon, very fond of those fleece toys! A few months ago Mogwai won every game. Mo can be quite maniacal when she plays, which seriously impressed Oona. Oona would be trying to hold on a small string of fleece with her eyes half closed waiting until it was over. Since she also discovered her wild play-growl, things changed. Oona is the cool chick who takes the rope tightly, then while Mogwai pulls and growls, she waits. And then one short growl back. Victory guaranteed!

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

I noticed that I hardly have photos of Mogwai and Oona together, despite them being best friends. Mo can be niminy-piminy when Oona is ‘too close’ (and it’s never an issue with Ravasz). And Oona is not always interested in working and she will let you know. So for the picture below needed some heavy negotiations. Oona preferred following the cat track in the snow, Mogwai was sitting like a dreary hyena and none of them looked at me at the same time. Meanwhile, it was also getting dark … * sigh *
Hopefully a better shot next time! ?

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

Packed with my camera, dog biscuits, carrots (for when I get hungry) and with super warm clothes, we went looking for a mountain where I took photos last summer and enjoyed a magnificent view. It is a habit to take the car at least once a week on to test new trails and to wander around. In the summer I check google maps or so on satellite images with places that seem fascinating, but in winter that’s useless because you can’t rely on a GPS to get somewhere. Many roads are not cleared of snow and because I only have studded tires and no 4 × 4, I do not risk driving the snow-covered small paths (but they look soooo alluring). Last winter I was very lucky that someone helped me when I was completely helplessly trapped in the snow and digging by hand / pushing / cursing did not improve the situation. But that mountain, that was not to be found. Maybe next time!
But it was still worth it. I suddenly came out at the quarry where I made a magical and ice cold walk with Oona and Mogwai in snow much deeper than they expected (I can’t help laughing every time they jump in the snow and look so confused about the amount haha). They hopped around like rabbits gone wild and with legs that went in all directions. Oona got the super-snow-zoomies. Even Mogwai took her time to watch her! 😉

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

Mogwai after 100 meter deep-snow-diving:
#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

How much snow? This much snow!
#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

When I touched Mo- with gloves on-  her neck felt so strange. A bit hard and sticky. I saw that the hairs on her neck were frozen and it took me a while before I realized how that was possible. After all, there was no water,  and at -12 the snow doesn’t stick …
But then, of course, I realized that it was because of Oona’s drooling which had turned to ice so quickly. 😀

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be
After my previous attempt to make a collar for Oona which turned out to too small, this one is too big. Such a shame because I think it turned out very good and she looks so pretty with it. So I put it on my Etsy and hope the next collar will be the right size  ?

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

And finally, after a lot of encouragement, I managed to persuade Joeri to go skiing. Happy (snow) dance! ?
I wasn’t ready yet, or Oona was already taking off with one of my ski’s, into the bushes! Nice toys, she thought. With the weather being a bit warmer and some new fresh snow, the path was actually looking very good. Not like a real ski-track yet, so we have to keep our eyes open for sticks and stones and hidden ice spots. I would like to teach Oona and Mogwai skijöring so we can try a real ski slope with them. Last year I tried to explain Mogwai to run in front and pull me,  but she has no idea what to do when she walks first. All tips are very welcome to teach my dogs to run in front and maybe even pull a bit.

#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be   #TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be#TongueOutTuesday (02)| hondenfotografie | www.DOGvision.be

On Friday we had an appointment with Ravasz at the veterinary clinic. At 9 o’clock in the morning. We were still very well on time and the waiting room was almost empty. We first met the assistant who checked his weight (+1 kg) and his temperature (all fine). Then she prepared everything for the blood samples and the ultrasound. Ravasz doesn’t like all the needles and stuff, but lying on his back during the ultrasound is something he really hates! But it would give us an idea of how much the cancer would be spread an what his life expectancy would be. There wasn’t a single noise during the examination. The vet was quiet, and with every screenshot she made I got more desperate. And suddenly she was ready and she said that although I had to check with his specialist, there were no metastases found. He did have a gall-stone so we’ll give him medication for that.
A relief,
A surprise too.
Sweet little Ravasz, I hope you’ll have many more happy months! x

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