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Oops, it’s already week 7 and I haven’t uploaded anything on this blog in weeks. I had some plans and drafts, but I’ve been so busy with work and printmaking classes that it just didn’t happen.
You might have guessed it, but this photo was taken in Belgium on a rare wintry day. There is even some frost on the grass!
Most people weren’t happy about the colder days, but we just loved the crisp air, the shimmering ice crystals, and the sound of frozen leaves.

We even got some snow!

Some might have seen our Instagram stories mentioning Mogwai’s limping in early autumn that turned out to be beginning arthrosis. Back then the vet gave us some medication to battle the inflammation, and both that vet and a friend recommended Flexadin as a supplement. Since that recovery, she had one evening with a slight limp after an unexpected muddy/jumpy walk (for which we gave her medication) and that’s it. She’s been happy and playful, and we try to let her live life to the fullest- but we do restrict wild games between Mogwai and Oona, we don’t play tug anymore (or let go immediately), and focus mostly on walks.
When Mogwai has been in the car for a long time or we did a long walk, we carry her out of the car (she hates that) instead of letting her jump, and we also got her another warm coat to keep her back and hips warm during the cold winter months. She’s now a proud member of the Yellow Jacket Club 🙂

Look how cute they are together!

Coat (gifted): Hurtta Expedition Parka in the color Buckthorn.

Yellow Jacket Club, yellow dog coats Hurtta expedition parka, www.DOGvision.eu

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