Dog photography, Border Collie, traveling with dogs, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Dog photography, Border Collie, traveling with dogs, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

For 3 weeks we wandered around. We left early autumn Sweden and were surprised by a second summer in the south of Europe. It’s weird how not only seasons can be so different but also not realizing how early the cold arrives here compared with the rest of Europe.

But now we are back with tons of inspiration, plans, words, and photographs that need to get a spot online and on our walls πŸ™‚

Blank pages

Hunting season started this week so while we’re hiding inside, it’s the perfect time to get the broom through old pages, create updates and create some new. When we do go out, we’re extra super careful. Especially since Oona did another attempt to chase deer, I bought a hiking belt with a fluo yellow shock absorbing leash so they can pull a bit. I’m secretly hoping that it will make them as tired as running off leash. Because: safety first, but I do need to live with these wild monsters :-). At least their pulling is helping me with reaching my 10 000 steps a day, haha!

So this week is lots of computer work and autumn cleaning on the website while preparing for the next season of snow shoots and other projects. But we’re going for the hygge-way with lots of hot chocolate, pumpkin soup, and scented candles mmmm!


I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.

– Henry David Thoreau

sept18-314Border Collie Mogwai in Italy. Dog photographer Europe, Editorial dog photography, www.DOGvision.euMe and my dogs in front of a graffiti wall in Ljubljana, Metelkova mesto, dog photography Europe, www.DOGvision.euGlamping with dogs in Slovenia, traveling with dogs, www.dogvision.euMountains Italy, Dolomites, www.DOGvision.euBorder Collie Mogwai in Bled, Slovenia. Dog photographer Europe, Editorial dog photography,

Because a lot of work is screaming for my attention, I’ll keep this one short but I promise, I’ll write another blog all about our travel ansd sponsors.

See you next time!

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