Annoying things that 'dog photographers' do online,

You might or might not have to take this with a grain of salt 🙂


  1.  They say: “My style is dark & moody.”
    Meaning: I have no clue how to get the exposure right so I just make sure the eyes really ‘pop’.
  2.  They say: “I’m a professional dog photographer and I have a session with clients tomorrow, what settings should I use?”
    Meaning: I have no idea what I’m doing but only dare to admit it partially.
  3. They say:”Help, I have to shoot a puppy, show me all your great examples!”
    Meaning: I’m too lazy to open google or to try and come up with something myself.
  4. They say: I’m looking to follow new active people [on Instagram], you must have great high-quality photographs and at least 1000 followers.
    Meaning: I only value you if I can rip off your work and you have enough followers to look good to be connected with and you have to like, comment and share my stuff because I’m desperately in need of attention.
  5. They say: “I’m going to start fresh with my Instagram account because I have too many ghost followers.
    Meaning: I don’t care to really talk to people but just play along in pods and I don’t want to admit that I have bought my 10K followers.
  6. They say: “I’m shooting 3 months with this lens now, I need an upgrade, what cheap lens should I buy?”
    Meaning: I have no clue what focal length does, no clue about lens quality or even what all the numbers mean but my pictures suck and it’s easier to buy something new than to actually learn how it works.
  7. They say: “At 500 followers I will do a giveaway to thank you all!… who wants to sponsor?”
    Meaning: My follower growth is slow and I don’t care about connecting with anyone, I just want numbers and others paying for my followers.


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