Allergic reaction dog, swollen face,

Lizzie in England,

“How does it look?” The vet asked.

And all I could think of is “Shar-pei”. Not long after our evening walks on Saturday, Lizzie asked for my attention and I saw her face swelling from her lips to her ears (and one paw too, we noticed later).

After FirstVet (bc all vets were closed by now) ruled out a snake bite and considered it an allergic reaction, we washed her and kept her calm. Until 3 am we binge-watched ‘Young Sheldon’ with Lizzie curled up under a blanket in between us. By then we saw enough improvement to get some sleep. It took much of Sunday to get her normal face back, but luckily she didn’t seem to be bothered anymore.

It just looked like she went to the dentist 😄. On the paw, she has a small wound so I’m keeping an eye on that.

Allergic reaction dog, swollen face,

Although she hates baths, it did seem to lessen the reaction. The bumps on her face were gone and the area around the eyes less red.

Allergic reaction dog, swollen face,

Sad face the next morning. We called the vet again for an update and during the day the swelling got less and less.

I remember that when Ravasz had an allergic reaction, the vet did give him an injection right away. Even before we called, I had my shoes on, passport ready- all set to rush out. While the vet was right that this reaction would slowly go away, it’s not nice to hear that they are unable to help when you’re worried.Allergic reaction dog, swollen face,

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