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We’re back in Belgium for a few days and hay fever caught me big time! I’m taking allergy pills like candy. Especially when I get the idea that Oona’s fur matches so beautifully with the dry grasses and I have nothing but a wide angle lens with me… It feels like I’m photographing in a field of freshly cut onions.

But we escaped the worst: the heat wave of last week that melted some of the Belgian roads, caused lots of health issues, gave dogs a hard time and made it very difficult for the many students to focus on studying and exams.
The first day in Belgium felt very hot too. People told me that it was way worst the week before but coming from the north I felt like I was melting. I just wanted to hide in the basement 🙂
Is it just getting used to lower temperatures? Or not adapted to the sudden change? I don’t know. I asked my friend how hot is was and he said: “well, just 26 degrees.”
It felt like 35 to me!

Just before leaving for Belgium, we celebrated Midsummer in Sweden, a celebration that feels as big as Christmas. The whole country seems to pack his bags, travel to the countryside with friends and family to dance around maypoles like frogs and sing with flowers on their head.
Somebody warned us that Midsummer would be traditional, meaning: cold & rain. But I could reassure her that in case we would need hot tropical weather we would have moved somewhere south 🙂
These gentle grey clouds and dancing drops of rain could definitely not spoil our first Swedish midsummer. Sprinkled with fresh droplets we picked our 7 wild flowers, met some new people, tried delicious new food and exchanged Belgian beers.

Swimming pool for dogs | Oona, rescue dog from Bosnia | DOG photography and blog on www.DOGvision.be
Belgium is now officially our sunny-south-destination! As refreshment for the dogs we filled up a children’s pool with water and although they consider it a giant water bowl, with a bit of encouragement of cookies I could trick the youngest two into jumping around in the water too 🙂
— And I stepped in too, that felt soooooooo good to my melting feet!

Now back to my delicious fresh and juicy Belgian Strawberries!
Talk to you soon


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