DOGvision-etsy-shop-dogphotography-lightroom presets |

DOGvision-etsy-shop-dogphotography-lightroom presets |

Yes, you’re seeing it right (!!): I’ve finally created this little virtual shop on Etsy where you are of course very welcome to visit and look around. This first product is a pack of 7 Lightroom presets that are inspired by a new crisp autumn arriving here up north. All the moods have their own name so it’s easy to find them again in your list. A download comes with instructions but in case you would have any issues or trouble, just contact me and I’ll help you out.
The next days/weeks and months there will be more products added on my web-shelf. Enough ideas, but of course you can make some suggestions too.
All feedback and opinions are of course very welcome and if you’re also creating things for dogs I would love to connect on Etsy.

But today *happy dance* for digital courage 🙂
DOGvision lightroom presets "what is left" on Etsy |

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