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It was a fun secret to keep, but I’m glad that we can finally share the good news: we joined the team of Hurtta ambassadors!
On Friday evening, Hurtta revealed their 3 new ambassadors on Instagram but a few die-hard fans had already seen the updated ambassador’s page and we started getting messages :-).
A big thank you for all the sweet and encouraging messages!

Last year we shared that we continued as Hurtta adventurers, and now this journey goes on as ambassadors.
So what does that mean, or what will change?

We will keep sharing our adventures, daily life, and photographs. You will see the items we love and use in daily life as they naturally appear. We will also get to test new products and share our experiences, share discount codes throughout the year, and organize a few giveaways! Then, a part of the ambassador’s ‘duty’ is behind the scenes, which seems fun too!

If you are interested in discount codes or winning Hurtta gear, the best thing to do is follow us on Instagram (we share reminders in our stories too) and/or keep an eye on the blog.

Extra stories:
About winter gear and why my dogs wear coats.
All about life vests.
Tips for ordering dog coats online.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can leave a message below or find me on Insta.

Have a wonderful day!

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