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Finally the swimming season has started!

Look at those happy faces! Only a few weeks ago, in early May, the world around us was still blah. Everything was still dead. Brown. Beige. Cold. But as always, when you start to get restless about the never-ending cold, everything suddenly explodes into bright greens. Since...

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What’s in my dog’s travel pouch?

We can't wait to hit the road, explore new places, and find some peculiar treasures. As I'm packing, I thought it would be fun to share the dog gear we take when we travel. Just as what we pack for ourselves depends on the season and...

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Hiking essentials: cookies and a smile!

There is a good probability that according to my dogs, I'm seriously complicating life by dragging along poo bags, leashes, or fresh water. "We're tough dogs!" -they think of themselves. They happily drink from dirty puddles, roll in the dirt, chew on old sticks, and...

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A Hurtta discount code for you

Exciting things are happening in March (it feels like we're waking up after a long winter), and as a fun surprise, adventurers Mogwai, Oona, and Lizzie have a Hurtta discount code for you! A superb way to kick off this new month, right? Withing EU (

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#TongueOutTuesday (08)

It's been a very unusual winter this year. It's been quite warm and extremely icy on the roads and forest paths. Oona slipped on the ice, hurt her paw, and got a few weeks of leashed walks to avoid any more damage. So far, we haven't...

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The journey continues, we are Hurtta adventurers 2023

The news is out so we can finally announce that we will continue our collaboration with Hurtta as a part of the Hurtta adventurers team of 2023! This year, the team is bigger than ever with 50 humans + their dogs joining.  From last year's team,...

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Our favorite life vests for dogs

There might be different reasons why you're looking into life vests for dogs, and in this blog, I'll be sharing my personal experience, how and why I use life vests for my dogs. I bought the first vest many years ago when we went paddling for...