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Why my dogs wear life jackets.

We've been using life jackets for our dogs for years, but since I'm getting more and more questions, this blog post is fully dedicated to the summer flotation gear that my dogs are using. We, two-legged creatures, are also using life vests, but since we can't...

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#TongueOutTuesday (25)

  A (mid)sommar edition with lots of sunshine and happy/wet dogs. Since the last snow melted away in early May, we hadn't seen a single drop of rain until 2 days ago. It's been sunny and warm, so the lakes warm up quickly and we swim almost...

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Oh no, they’re back!

Summer might arrive late here up north, but somewhere around the end of May, nature seems to feel like she has to catch up- all at once. That means we get a sudden explosion of greens, flowers, mosquitoes (and other bugs), and those damn ticks...

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Finally the swimming season has started!

Look at those happy faces! Only a few weeks ago, in early May, the world around us was still blah. Everything was still dead. Brown. Beige. Cold. But as always, when you start to get restless about the never-ending cold, everything suddenly explodes into bright greens. Since...

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The dog life sketchbook

Most of my sketchbook pages appear on, my art/illustration website, but as dogs were sneaking more and more into my work, I decided to start an extra notebook for dog sketches and doodles. See it as drawing out loud. Random thoughts quickly scribbled down. Some play....

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2023 goal: finding 100 geocaches

It was a random day in the middle of the week, only a few weeks ago, when I checked the Geocaching website and discovered that there were a lot more caches than I initially thought- since we're living outside of a very quiet village. It...

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Hiking essentials: cookies and a smile!

There is a good probability that according to my dogs, I'm seriously complicating life by dragging along poo bags, leashes, or fresh water. "We're tough dogs!" -they think of themselves. They happily drink from dirty puddles, roll in the dirt, chew on old sticks, and...

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#TongueOutTuesday (09)

The joy of a Border Collie and her toy. (A stuffed Dala-horse btw, a traditional icon of the area where we live)...

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A Hurtta discount code for you

Exciting things are happening in March (it feels like we're waking up after a long winter), and as a fun surprise, adventurers Mogwai, Oona, and Lizzie have a Hurtta discount code for you! A superb way to kick off this new month, right? Withing EU (